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About Us

Products made with good vibes and longevity in mind.

This is always the hardest thing to write about. What do you want to know? I guess I'll start with my name. Hi, I'm Kafeeny. I've been 100% plant-based for over 11 years, and I'm super environmentally conscious. I've always loved to create, especially things that bring other people as much happiness as it brings me when I create them. I've been a hairstylist for 13 years and counting, and have always wanted to create my own salon-quality shampoo. I started making soap about 7 years ago as a random hobby, which led to completely geeking out and obsessively creating solid shampoo bars during the never-ending COVID-19 Toronto lockdown. As a hairstylist, I'm always thinking about how long the results of a haircut or a colour will last. I want everything to be worthwhile, and (no offence, but) if you've had some highlights done, I don't want to see you back here for at least another 2 months. Actually, the true test was not being able to see clients for a whole damn year because of COVID-19 lockdowns, and receiving messages throughout the year about how their haircuts and colours have been lasting all of lockdown! I'm not saying that one single shampoo bar will last you all year (it actually just might if you rarely wash your hair). All I'm saying is that each product is made with good vibes. and longevity in mind. Someday, I would love to open up a welcoming, artsy and chill space with my partner, where we would serve coffee, beverages, vegan delights, shampoo bars and soap bars galore, knitted creations, some live musical magic, and would feature various artists from around the area. 

Our commitment to the environment

Our mission is to create as little waste as possible during the production of our products. We reuse scraps, stuffing paper, plastic zip locks, buckets, containers, and whatever else that may come from our suppliers. We use sustainable ingredients, which also means our formulas may change periodically according to what is environmentally available to us. 

About the Ingredients

A lot of research has gone into each ingredients we use in each of our products. All ingredients are vegan, biodegradable, sustainable, sulfate-free, and ethically sourced.

Here's a little bit about our main surfactants and cleansing detergents used in our shampoo bars and soap bars:

Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate:

A gentle surfactant based on fatty acids from coconut oil isoethionic acid, which is a type of sulfonic acid. Also known as Baby foam because of its mildness.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate:

Also a gentle surfactant derived from coconut and ethically sourced palm oil. This surfactant cleanses the skin and hair without interrupting the skin barrier and stripping its natural oils. 

Coco Betaine:

A naturally-derived substance that's sourced from coconut oil. This surfactant does a great job in bonding with dirt and oil so your hair can be rinsed feeling nice and clean.

Decyl Glucoside:

We only use a small percentage of this surfactant in our formulas. This surfactant is derived from coconuts and corn, and is a great cleanser that leaves moisture in the skin. 

Foaming Apple:

This neat surfactant is derived from amino acids obtained from apple juice. It is an extremely mild cleanser which we use in our Shea Berry shampoo bars for dry hair and Hibiscus Quinoa shampoo bars for damaged hair.

Sodium Hydroxide:

This cleansing agent is used only in our soap bars. When sodium hydroxide is fully emulsified with oils, it no longer exists in the end product after saponification.

About the packaging

All of our packaging still remains true with our mission - no garbage! All boxes and mailers can be reused and/or recycled. Our shampoo bars are wrapped in biodegradable coffee filters for extra protection, which are then packaged into a little cotton muslin pouch which can be reused or composted. All labels are printed on card-stock paper which can easily be recycled. Even the tape we use is biodegradable! 

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