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Welcome to your waste-free journey. 

N O    G A R B A G E

Sustainable, eco-friendly, biodegradable, and vegan

Shampoo bars, conditioner bars, soap bars and soy candles.
Handcrafted in small batches, TORONTO

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Why use a shampoo bar?

Shampoo bars are completely waste-free. They are light weight and a traveller's best friend. These shampoo bars leave a minimal carbon footprint and are made from sustainably sourced materials, and because of how concentrated the  ingredients are, the bars tend to last longer (keep them dry!). Free up some space and ditch those bottles!

I've used various shampoo bars for a couple years now and have been happy with the experience - but missed a good conditioner. The Ube shampoo and conditioner duo has returned my hair to a smooth, nourished state reminiscent of a visit to the salon. I love it. Not only does it feel good, my grey looks awesome. Thank you!

Heather Lowry (@hthrlwry)

I tried your shampoo bar tonight and I LOVE it!! It smells so good and my hair feels amazing!!!!  It also makes my hair feel so clean without feeling stripped. THANK YOU!!!

Professor Kimberley Zonneveld

The Shea Berry shampoo bar is lovely! Definitely moisturizing, lathers great, and lasts a really long time. The Chrysanthemum shampoo bar has really helped my scalp which was super dry after winter! I've been using it exclusively for a month now and I won't be switching any time soon (though I do want to try many more of these bars!

Kathryn Long (

The Hibiscus Quinoa shampoo bar is a sudzy dream with really good lather. I'm impressed with how it feels in my hand, too. The way it's made feels comfortable (not too big to hold) and it smells lovely.

Julie O'Connor (@hellopinpoint)

I have been dealing with a chronic illness for almost 4 years now. This past year, I decided to make the transition over to all natural, vegan, reduced waste, and cruelty free hygiene products. About 3 weeks ago I bought 2 volumizing shampoo bars (Citrus Amla). I used one from Lush before and it only lasted a couple of shampoos and the scent was too strong. I thought I should buy at least two shampoo bars from Do Not Eat to make it worth my while. I am happy to report that I'm no where near finished the first shampoo bar and I use it every other day for my hair and my body! The lather is amazing, and it feels rich and silky. I have fine hair so I hate shampoos that leave my hair feeling oily and weighed down. This shampoo leaves my hair feeling light and fluffy!! I 100% recommend supporting Do Not Eat products. I want to make a conscious decision to spend my money on products that support the environment and on businesses who are committed to making this world a better place.

Jules (@migraine_wellness)

Your blue shampoo and conditioner bars have changed my life.  I love them.  I haven't gotten compliments on my hair in ages literally until I used them.  Very happy customer over here!

Erika, owner of Ecotique Greener Living & Giving (@ecotique_shop)

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